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It appears that internet is under the attack and a lot of websites, large and small are standing together to help it survive. All major sites united to oppose the end of net neutrality, and this is something that Trump’s administration what to end. They want to restrict Obama’s administration rules managing net neutrality and open the door to competition. Unfortunately, that’s not what would happen, if we experience net neutrality end. But, let’s look out what this means for average consumers, but also people who are addicted to Xbox games.

What is net neutrality?

The net neutrality enables that ISPs, internet service provider, can’t censor, block or throttle websites. The server will still determine the website’s speed and how it’s coded, but the ISP has to keep everything on a high level. However, consumers will still have the option to choose the faster internet speed from their ISP.

Net Neutrality

What happens without net neutrality?

Without net neutrality, ISPs would be able to change both consumers and website access for. So, any significant cable and broadband providers will have to adjust their monthly fees for internet access and then charge Amazon, Netflix or any other site they wanted for fast lanes. So, if you pay your monthly payment and buy high-speed internet, if one of these sites don’t have a deal with your ISP, they could be suppressed. In this case, the big ISPs could simply suffocate websites such as Netflix and Amazon Video, so they could make their offering more attractive and slow down the streaming of websites. If sites what to avoid throttling, they will have to pay ISPs and those costs would directly affect average consumers and increase your monthly fee.

What happens with video games?

Two significant problems could come out of this entire situation. Considering that digital games are prevalent nowadays, it more common and more accessible for gamers to purchase games on Steam, the PSN, of the Xbox store. These are significant downloads in size, and without net neutrality, ISPs could charge major companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Valve, or suffocate their download speed, they can even limit how much data they could serve up. This is a severe problem for everyone who relies on net neutrality and could impact the website by limiting the access of average consumers and increasing the subscription fees. Gamers could experience the slowdown in online gaming while streaming services would have to raise their prices, which can be bad for average consumers and eventually lead them to quite the service.

Things can get even worse

The significant part of the gaming industry is pushing the limits of technology. Gamers are using the internet freely and have advanced expectations. The internet has become a massive mainstream place, and if the government takes that away, we will be facing some major problems. Considering that technology is dependent on pushing the boundaries, the ISPs can affect the gamers in more than one way, but this isn’t immediately evident to average consumers or non-gaming masses.

But, let’s look at this on one example. Nowadays, most games rely on the internet and games have the ability to download the games directly, without going to store and buy them. But, considering the improvement in texture resolution, maps, and lightning, the games on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are now much bigger than those in the previous generation. It means that one game can be up to 50 GB in size. But, if the ISPs starts to limit the download speed and they set up monthly caps, for instance, 150 GB, 250GB, and 300GB, then this can become a massive problem. First of all, they can’t accurately measure how much data are people using every month. If we don’t have this transparency, then we will have to take their word that data caps won’t affect the entire gaming community.

Another thing for concern is latency. In other words, how fast your data can travel over the internet. Depending on the game you are playing, latency may be a significant factor and may decide whether you are killing or being killed. If you and your opponent can see each other in a real-time, then whoever has lower latency, will live to see another day and tell his experience.

The latency has been long present in action games, and it’s set to become more importnat for the next generation of consoles, especially if you are using the online game streaming service. But, regardless of the game, you are playing, in general, streaming video games are highly dependent on low latency. In this way, they can deliver responsive controls and interactions. Also, latency will be one of the most significant factors to determine the quality of streaming games, whether it’s a single of multiplayer.

What happens with TV viewers?

If you are one of the gamers who also watch television too, have you ever thought what will happen to you? An average consumer spends 34 hours per week watching TV, using over-the-top service. This means you will end up watching television 136 hours per month. An HD streaming service spends 2.3 GB/hour. This means an average household will spend 313 GB of data every month, watching television alone. This may seem a lot, but some research indicates that if you switch from cable TV to online video, you will require 648 GB of data every month.

But, keep in mind, that this data use doesn’t include music streaming, web surfing, email, online chat, video chats and online backups.

After reviewing all aspects of ISPs, this can be a potential problem for many users. But, time will tell what will happen in the future. You just need to keep calm and see what service fits your budget the most. We can expect even more significant changes in the following months and xbox live money codes generator will have a more substantial role and gamers need to learn how to adapt to these changes.