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Having an Xbox console seems to be the best way to keep our procrastinating habits alive. It’s also great for spending time with friends and enjoy playing your favorite game. But what happens when you don’t run out of popular games? What do you do you’ve completed each game from your collection at least a couple of times?

You start playing games from the past that you never played before. There are plenty of games that are backward compatible with your Xbox One and they’re waiting to be played. So if you ran out of ideas what to play, take a look at this list.

Street Fighter IV

We all know and love this title. Older generations of gamers had only a couple of quality games that they played, and Street Fighter is definitely one of them. Fans of this series followed the evolution of this game until the fourth sequel was released for Xbox 360 in February in 2009. If you never played any Street Fighter game, now it’s time to start. As since March 2017, the game became backward compatible with Xbox One. This one definitely deserves to be in your collection as it’s that good.

street fighter

If you’re planning to get the game you might want to find a holiday promotion or get a chance to win free Xbox code card and get the game without paying a dime. As always the game features all of the familiar characters like Ryu, Ken, Chun-Lin and many others.

You’ll be able to play as your favorite character once again and challenge your friends. All of this will be available with improved graphics and astonishing game mechanics that even those that aren’t arcade fans will appreciate.


Do you love adventure games with enticing story? How about mind-bending puzzle games? Psychonauts has it all. This is a game like no other and now, it is available for Xbox One as well. If you haven’t had the chance to try this truly amazing game, now it’s time to pick it up from the store and grab your Xbox One controller to start a unique adventure.

The game features a young boy with rather strange abilities that ends up in a summer camp. But this camp is like no other as it’s actually intended to be a training ground for gifted people. As you learn new abilities and meet other camp dwellers, as villain starts to steal minds of the gifted camp inhabitants and naturally, you’ll be the one to pursue him.

It’s a really fun to play the game with a lot of humor ingeniously designed models and objects. The physics are what sets this blast from the past apart from other mediocre titles.

Hitman: Absolution

Hitman Absolution gameReady to continue your steps as one of the most notorious assassins in gaming? Every Hitman sequel is special in its own way. Except the third one, which is a retrospective of first two parts joined in a way that you reveal what happens in a mind of a trained assassin while he’s in a coma, recovering from a shot. If you’re wondering if the same can be expected from Hitman Absolution you’re dead wrong.

It has a great soundtrack, as always impeccable gameplay and a variety of weapons and scenarios to use them in. The game became compatible with Xbox One in February this year, so if you’ve missed out on it somehow, now’s your time to shine as a silent assassin. This stealthy game offers players to use their creativity and stealth skills in order to eliminate well-protected targets hidden throughout maps.


When you think of Rockstar Games the first title that pops up in your mind is of course Grand Theft Auto. This famous game developer is also responsible for creating Red Dead, L.A. Noire as well as many other extremely popular games. However, their most notable contribution to gaming industry is and always will be the GTA series. If you never thought much about the fourth installment of the game and skipped it, now you can play it on Xbox One.

The game is backward compatible with this console since February 9th. The best thing about Xbox backward compatibility program is that you don’t have to buy a new version to play the game. If you already own an Xbox 360 digital version of the game, once your start up your new console the game will appear in your library.

However, if you’ve bought a physical copy of the game in a store all you’ll have to do is insert the disc and download the new version. In GTA 4 you’ll play as Nikko Belic, a notorious war criminal of Bosnia and possibly Serbian nationality. Being that Niko is a war veteran who has seen it all, there won’t be a challenge that he won’t be able to complete.

Borderlands 2

Anyone who played Borderlands could’ve guessed that the sequel will be at least equally interesting. Having the newest generation of Xbox consoles doesn’t mean that you should disregard titles that were available on Xbox 360. The backward compatible program added another great title to their list. Borderlands 2 is a great co-op game made for those that love first-person RPGs with enticing storyline.

And this game is exactly what you’ve hoped it would be. Next to standard four characters, the developers decided to add another two characters- a Mechromancer and a bloodthirsty psychopath Krieg who apparently loves playing with fire.

Explore each character’s skill tree and pick the one that best suits your style of play. Play with your friends and increase your gain in terms of experience, loot as well as the number of interesting scenarios in the Borderlands universe. If you haven’t had the chance to play first part, it’s strongly advisable to get it now and play it through. This unique blend of cartoonish FPS/RPG will most certainly satisfy your lust for virtual violence.