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XBOX has only one and true rival when it comes to competition between top selling consoles. Of course we’re talking about PlayStation. The two console types have always been at each other throat as there’s a large player base to win over that competition.

However, XBOX has been improving and by opinion of many, has always listened to what the gamers have to say about their services. Here are only a couple of things that make XBOX One stand out above any other console, especially Sony PlayStation 4.

Flight Simulator Games

Xbox One is one of the world’s most powerful game console right now. That being said, it’s logical to assume that Xbox One has a lot of interesting games to offer, including flight simulations. One of the most popular XBOX One Flight Simulator games is Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight Simulator that gives you experience of real flight. It concentrates specifically on flying formations and aerobatics.

At the main menu of the game you have two options, Blue Angels information about team aircraft show and Become an Elite pilot where you can start you flying journey. It’s recommended that you take a look at Blue Angels information first, where you can find a lot information’s about mission, pilots and explore technical data and airlines about aircrafts.

Thanks to association with the United States Navy this game offers a lot more than a regular flight simulator game. It will let you experience the pleasure of conquering the sky with fascinating aerobatic skills of F/A – 18 Hornet and C – 130 Fat Albert.

A Place for all XBOX Related Products

XBOX WIRE is number one source for news, information regarding product releases and for acquiring additional info on any XBOX product. It’s sort of a online magazine where you can find all about upcoming Xbox games, discounts and system updates for Xbox One owners.

Every week you can read about new game reviews like Forza Horizon 4, How to Survive in Vigor, The Sims 4 Cats & Dog Expansion and more. There’s also info for XBOX Gold users regarding their membership status, etc. With that kind of membership you can get the most exceptional multiplayer experience, free games, and exclusive game discounts in the Microsoft Store.

Every month there are new updates about discounts on Xbox games so if you are one of the Xbox Live Gold members you should take a good look and inform yourself about your terms of use. Members of the Xbox One Preview Beta Ring can get information’s about the latest system update and read all about the fixes and known issues. So basically it’s a place where you can find all things related to XBOX services and their products.

New XBOX One Design

Xbox One is the third game console in the Xbox family developed by Microsoft. The original Xbox One exterior design consists of a large air vent of top of the console. Xbox 360 LED rings are replaced by a glowing white logo used for communication between the system’s status and the user.

Previous slim design of Xbox 360 was supposed to introduce the new look without losing previous features and functionality. To get better cooling system and overall performance score, XBOX one is designed to be placed by default horizontally.

This proved to be quite a useful feature as it takes much less space, and has more open space to cool down. Despite of the better exterior console design there’s been small logo changes. Xbox 360 has a silver circle with big green X in the middle and glowing rings, but the Xbox One has a little elegant design with white glowing logo who looks more sophisticated. There’s been a funny story about the original Xbox’s green logo design.

The artist who was in charge for creating a logo didn’t have any other colored markers left except the green one that nobody wanted. Neon green in that early 2000’s totally made sense so there was probably no need for any further changes on other meetings. This remains to be only a rumor that no one has officially confirmed yet.

Major PUBG Update

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds released new updates and patches for the Xbox One platform. Server was closed on July 16th so all the mentioned updates are now live the main game. PUBG XBOX UPDATE is the largest console version patch ever received. Weapon balance is changed completely and it’s noticed with unquestionably powerless rifles and much stronger sub-machine guns.

Rifles can be upgraded with attachments from the AR or sniper category making it easier to snipe those long to mi distance targets. The new update also bring a new guns and a new car. Newly designated marksman rifle is a much stronger version of the SKS with the same ammo type.

With this patch we got new Mirado muscle car who is the fastest cars in the game but not the most stable one. Meaning that you will attain the speed that you need but won’t be able to handle it as easily as before.

Players action abilities in sprinting, swimming and shooting are also improved and sound has been updated so now you can detect easily who’s shooting who and from where at any moment. Despite its recent success, Fortnite still has a lot to learn from other “Battle Royale” games and from experienced players that support the game.

To Conclude

Every company is trying to surpass its competition by releasing innovative changes and updates for their products. But the thing is, that no matter what they try to change if it isn’t according to wishes and demands of their users, chances are that they won’t get much from those changes.

Game companies, need to start listening to their users, and Xbox and Microsoft are both on the right track to attuning to wishes of their true and loyal fans and customers. This means that we can actually expect to see changes, updates and new game titles that customers actually want to see.