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XBOX continues to stay the top console when it comes to virtual entertainment. The only legitimate competition to it is PlayStation of course. Since it was released by Microsoft in 2005, it amassed a huge player and user base and the company strives ever since to keep that success rate.

But how does this console manages to do so? It’s simple, by creating a supportive community that is there for its users, and of course by constantly releasing superb game titles. This is what made it the most popular console, and the new version continues that tradition of being there for users with ease. If you’re here, you’re probably inquiring about some of the new or perhaps services that were already available for Xbox One users.

Easy to Use Service

In order to keep the player base safe and users of all types secure, Microsoft has created an XBOX enforcement program that makes the whole experience a lot easier. It improves the overall experience of using their subscription program, games and other features by rating and taking actions on Gamertag profiles.

Their latest rating system provides information regarding the quality of their services by accumulating opinions of other users, placing them in one algorithm and then processing that information to tag users as more or less useful for the entire community. This makes things a lot easier for the development of their future services. How does it work precisely you may ask?

Xbox subscription users are asked for an opinion on certain features that their paid program has to offer. This information is stored until a sufficient amount of data is generated to provide a solid graph of what players want to see in terms of features and what they would like to avoid.

After processing the data, the service then rates the Gamertag as useful for future surveys or not useful at all. And It’s becoming quite a neat feature. As other players can participate in the evaluation of their own role of contributing to the community as well as others.

It basically works as a high court of some sort that manages reports from players, reported errors or flaws in the system and corrects them. The service can then either determine whether a Gamertag needs to be changed or the report needs to be forwarded to the Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement team. They usually know what to do with the info delivered to them and resolve the issue rather fast.

Bundles and Promotions

Both Sony and Microsoft offer quite a number of bundles on games, apps, and services that they provide for their users. They are major game changers when it comes to purchasing more than one product on that system.

For example, if you want to buy the new game that is soon to be released on Xbox One and you still have Xbox 360, you can get a huge discount by purchasing a bundle via your subscription program. Getting the Xbox One Fallout 4 bundle will significantly lower the price needed to buy a new XBOX one console and the game separately.

To be sure that you have access to all the latest news about the upcoming promotions, sales, bundles, and bonuses, you should either check posted info on the Xbox website, or log into your profile and check the features of your new subscription program.

As always, users with a higher paid subscription program like Xbox One Gold usually have more benefits than those that just started their contributing career for the community. So if you have a 3 months subscription for Xbox One you might not get the same discount bonuses, offers, promotions and other features as those of a Gold member. Another deciding factor that determines which benefits you have, is how long you have been a user and how many subscriptions you have owned.

Getting a subscription of above 6 months, provides a steady number of benefits. Furthermore, it’s more affordable to get a subscription for six months, a year of two than to buy a subscription program for a month or two.

You can update your subscription status any time by adding the codes purchased via Xbox services. There are all sorts of discounts on a couple of Xbox service distribution related platforms. You can find great deals for Xbox one subscription programs on Amazon or E-Bay. The only thing is that you aren’t protected when buying on those platforms in the same extent as you would be when purchasing via the official Xbox service.

Connecting Your Devices with Ease

No matter how many gamepads you have or other accessories that you use to play games on Xbox consoles or use software and features that their services provide, you should always know an easy way to manage your devices. No matter if you need to connect two devices, or solve an issue with a particular controller, you should be able to do it effortlessly and rather fast, right?

With Xbox accessories app you can manage everything from one place. Having problems with Kinect? No problem, contact the support team and they’ll suggest a solution for your problems pretty fast. Their suggestions are there to help the players rather than confuse them, as seen on other platforms and services.

Once you get a reply, you’ll know what to do and how to resolve the issue with your Kinect device not connecting or working properly. And finally, the instructions from the Xbox Live support team are easy to follow. This means that you won’t have to decipher what the team wanted to say or search for complex terms to follow the steps for solving the issue.

To Conclude

Xbox services are become easier to use day by day. Microsoft has invested quite a sum of money that made a user base of over 51 million of Xbox Live users over a short period. So the good news are that they intend to continue upgrading their platform, providing even better services in the future, and that is exactly what keeps their fans loyal.