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Having a game that is exclusive to your console is definitely something to brag about. You can finally prove to your friends that your console is superior to theirs. But what happens when you run out of games to play on your console? You won’t act so high and mighty when you’ve completed every game from your collection and the upcoming fresh titles won’t be released until next year. Luckily you won’t have to play games intended only for your console as the list of cross-platform games you can play on your Xbox just got bigger. Take a look at these titles and decide whether you’re your choices are limited as you think or not.


CupheadThis unusually beautiful co-op shoot-em-up game was developed and published by studioMDHR. Being that it’s not the most famous developer, they had to make sure that their product is actually worth something. And this they did. In Cuphead, you’ll play as an animated cup that shoots from the tips of his fingers. It’s a standard 2-D shooter game with simplistic controls but stunning illustrations.

The game certainly possesses quality artwork, so if you like this type of trippy games you shouldn’t pass on it. If you’re thinking about buying the game, now is a good time to look for holiday discounts or try to get Xbox codes for free if you’re lucky. There are countless of giveaways and you just might win a free game.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

If you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings trilogy, or Middle-earth series, then you definitely should try Middle-earth: Shadow of War. The game features all the elements that a game representing Middle-earth universe should have. Graphics are great and effects are indeed otherworldly, but what makes this game stand out is the way it lets players dominate on the battlefield. In this game, you’re basically every Orc’s biggest nightmare. You’ll play as a Talion who is still bound to the spirit of an Elf-lord Celembrimbor.

This symbiotic relationship benefits both characters as you’ll be able to get the best from both of them. Anyone who’s used to Arkham combat system which incorporates blocking, dodging, evading, attacking and counterattacking, will find no trouble mastering this game even on higher than normal difficulties. The game was released on Windows, PS4 and Xbox one so no matter what you prefer for a gaming device you’ll be able to play it anyhow.

Gears of war 4

Gears of Wars fans rejoice! Finally, you’ll be able to play the newest addition to this particular series on your computer. This classic duck-and-cover shooter game was one of first to be developed in Unreal 4 engine. If you love this types of games, you’ll be glad to hear that the game is available on all three popular gaming devices. Enjoy playing this amazing shooter during the holidays and experience an unforgettable adventure never seen before in Gears of War series. The plot in this sequel is a bit different than that in the previous Gears of War editions. However, it doesn’t lack depth or complexity in contrary to what critique states.

Gears of war 4

Fallout Shelter

Tired of playing shooters, intense racing games and games of other genres that require focus? With holidays coming right around the corner, now is the time to relax and unwind with games such as this. After the success of Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, Bethesda announced Fallout 4 but they knew that they won’t be able to deliver it anytime soon. That’s why they had to think of a game that will keep their audience faithful to Fallout series in the meantime. So they started working on Fallout Shelter.

The game was intended to buy them time so that they can deliver Fallout 4 without losing their player base. To Bethesda’s great fortune Fallout Shelter was much more successful than it was expected to be. Merely days after the release the game earned more than $5 millions on microtransactions alone. After realizing how successful the game actually became, they had to expand it and make the game available on other platforms as well. Now, years after the release, you can play the game on your Xbox or PlayStation console and enjoy creating and managing your very own fallout vault.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

The fact that this game was developed and published by Capcom means a lot to true fans of Resident Evil franchise. And this was not a surprise. However, the new sequel brings a different change to the long-running series. Resident Evil 7 is a first-person survival horror game, which is not usual for this type of game. There was a lot of assumptions prior to release that this approach will ruin the game. But not only that it made the game more popular than any other sequel but it reached out to those that didn’t think much about Resident Evil series before. The whole point of a first person view was to make the game more realistic without losing the effect that they achieved with a third person view that makes the sequels so popular.

In Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, you’ll play as a civilian Ethan Winters who is drawn to a plantation in Louisiana. It all started with a message from his wife, in which she urges him to come and rescue her from her own family. There is nothing grim about the message, except that his wife is presumed dead for more than 3 years. As he ventures deeper into the family house, the protagonist finds out that there is a new type of fungus virus in game, never seen before in the Resident Evil series. It allows the infected to become ultra resistant to any type of damage and grants them regenerative abilities. A great thing about this plot is that you can play Resident Evil 7 without knowing anything about the prequels. It’s a completely different story than the rest.